Grey Partridge Films - Photography and Film Production House

Grey Partridge Films is a feature film, commercials, corporate and music video and film production house based in in Mumbai.
We provide full production and creative services to foreign productions, individual directors.
This site gives an overview of various services provided by us and what to expect while filming in India.

We also provide high quality Film Equipment on Rent are fair prices.


India has a long history of cinema and provides a wide variety of crew. At Grey Partridge we maintain a database of crew members that we know personally and would be proud to recommend depending upon your needs. The qualities that we demand are professionalism with utmost skill/experience and a ‘can do’ attitude. Most of these people have worked with foreign crew and are multilingual.

Most, if not all, positions can be filled here. Directors to D.P. Gaffers to focus pullers. Art Directors to Wardrobe. Action directors to horses. You let us know what you need and we provide. We have the best and the most budget friendly English speaking crew. We also provide video shoot services  for Kuwait, Doha Qatar and other middle east countries.


And we have good connections with well known equipment houses in Mumbai for using State-of-the-art equipment like ArriAlexa XT, RED Epic Ultra Prime and Master Prime Lenses, Kino-Flo Lights and Arri lights.

Our editing facilities are chosen with care for their cost effectiveness and service and editors for their creativity, good humor and speed. In the same way that we tailor the crew to the requirements of the script, we fit the facility to the individual and specific needs of each production.
We have good and
longstanding relationships with suppliers in all the areas of post production.